Speakers disappear when disabling WiFi

  • 22 February 2021
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i use 5 Sonos speakers in SonosNET mode with a boost wired to the Ethernet. Additionally, i wired one of the Play:1 Speakers as well. If i do now chose to disable the radio (in the App) for the wired Play:1, all of my other speakers disappear, and only the boost and the wired play:1 is visible.

In the Network Configuration, the Boost is setup as root bridge. I understand that this device should manage the sonosnet. So disabling the radio of the wired Play:1 should not interfere. Where’s my mistake?

Maybe as a side note: The Play:1 and Boost which are wired are located right next to each other. I my idea was to disable the Play:1 radio to minimize network interferences.

7 replies

The elevated ANI levels are quite probably due to the overlap between WiFi and SonosNet. That should definitely be resolved. 

That said, an ANI level of 6 or less is perfectly liveable with. It indicates the WiFi card is doing its job.

Please don’t reset anything - it never provides a lasting solution and can be counter-productive.

I would try swapping the cables and ports for the Boost and Play:1 just to make sure there isn’t a fault in the Boost’s connection.

And you should re-enable the radio on the Play:1.

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Channels 6 and 10 conflict, 6 and 11 or 6 and 1 would be better choices.

I have no issues with multiple wired and wireless Sonos speakers and a Boost, I did until I moved them a meter apart.

You might submit a diagnostic and post the number soon after seeing a problem so the Sonos staff can look into it.

Whilst SonosNet is not using your wifi network, it is a wireless communication system. Set your wifi to channel 1,6 or 11 and SonosNet to a different one of the three. 

Isnt the Play:1 which is wired using the radio for a meshnet for sonosnet? As the Boost is standing right next to it, I would guess that they might interfere each other. Thats why i tought the radio of the wired Play:1 can be disabled.

Hi let me clear some things up.

1.) I bought the additional Play:1 after I bought the Boost. I tried to substitute the boost with the Play:1, but wasn’t successful. I followed the regular procedure:

  1. Wiring both devices (Boost and the Play:1)
  2. Disconnecting the Boost

As far as I have read in the documentation, when disconnecting the Boost, the remaining (wired) Play:1 should take over the Sonosnet capability and act as a root bridge. When disconnecting, again, all other speakers were disappearing. After some tries I managed to get Sonosnet up and running with the Play:1 acting as a root bridge. With noticably worse performance than with the Boost (Network Matrix showed as best ANI Level 5). Therefore I decided to put the Boost back in. Performance is “okish” now. (No Dropouts, but not all speakers have a certainly stable connection. Some of them are pending between ANI Level 1-3 (Green) and 4-5 (Yellow). Sometimes, even 6 (Orange).


2.) Yeah, this puzzles me too. I powercylced the whole system, but it did not make any difference. If the only Solution is to reset all speakers, and setup from scratch I guess I have to go down that road, but like to avoid it ;)


Worth mentioning the network setup:

  • UI Dream Machine as only AP
  • Radio transmission strenght set to medium (2,4+5Ghz)
  • Sonosnet Channel 6
  • 2.4Ghz Wifi Channel 10
  • Scan of nearby networks showed mostly saturation of channel 1. Channel 6 (Sonosnet) is not saturated at all (1 competing network @-90dbm), the regular Wifi (on channel 10) as well. 

As well as my Sonos Devices:

Upper Floor

  • Office : Sonos Boost, Play:1, UDM Wifi Router
  • Bedroom: Play:1
  • Bathroom: Play:1

Lower Floor:

  • Livingroom: 2x Ikea Symfonisk

Hi. Two things puzzle me:

1 Why do you have a Boost when you could just wire the Play1?

2 I don't understand why your speakers aren't connecting direct to the Boost, as presumably they did before? 

If you power cycle them do they reconnect?

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Whilst SonosNet is not using your wifi network, it is a wireless communication system. Set your wifi to channel 1,6 or 11 and SonosNet to a different one of the three.