Speakers cutting out when watching it through aux cable

I have a play 5 also two play 1’s paired together, the play 1’s are paired as left and right. The play 5 is the speaker with aux cable in, when listening to music it’s fine but when listening to sound out of tv it keeps cutting out every few seconds? My diagnostics ref is 560750741

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Hi jordanmallon,

Welcome to the community. In your diagnostic report I see a bit of wireless interference which could be making it hard for your Play:5 to stream the TV's audio to your other speakers. Please try changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using and see if that helps.

Audio from line-in sources, such as your TV, can often use up a lot of bandwidth. In many cases it is best to set the compression level on the line-in audio to compressed. You can do this in the Sonos app's settings menu under advanced settings. This will introduce a bit of a delay though, so it may not be a great option for TV audio.

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