Speakers cutting in and out and skipping half way through songs when using ipad

  • 29 December 2018
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Seems there is a general issue here reading other posts. Spent a fortune on this system only to find my old one worked much better.
I want to play music from my iPad library. I have no other device to use. I have no music service and don't need one as I have an extensive library.
I've tried several of the solutions offered i.e. Changed router channel, switched off auto lock on my iPad, turned off Apple airplay.
Songs skip midway and cut out.
Embarrassing problem as when showcasing sonos to friend who wants a new system it worked terribly.
I have 3x play 1s and a beam.
Can you reassure me a fix is being worked on or am I due a refund? Any advice?
Simply not doing what it was purchased for and very disappointing.
Beam works fantastically with tv but play 1 speakers cut out and jump intermittently.

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1 reply

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