Speaker(s) disappear from one room

Hi Guys,

Long time Sonos user with little issues.

I have an issue which is seeing one room constantly disappearing from the controller, and can only come back via a factory reset and reconnect. I’ve swapped the speakers from other rooms, and the speakers are fine, the issue is no matter which speaker goes in that room, it drops off.

I was running via wifi, then disabled it and put a hard wire into the speaker. Same issue occurs.

Any ideas what could be causing this? 

Thanks, Tim

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Check for wireless interference in the room:


Thanks for your reply. Would it be wireless interference though when I’ve connected with a wired cable?

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Yes, you can still experience wireless interference with a “wired” setup.

When you wire the speaker to the router, keep WiFi enabled and try changing the SonosNet channel in the Sonos app and see if that makes a difference.


Thank you, I’ve just set the SonosNet to channel 1. I’ve also changed the router to be fixed on channel 1, instead of auto selection. Reckon this might solve it? Seems that it has to be interference? Can see what else would cause this type of issue.

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It is recommended to use SonosNet on a wireless channel that is not being used by the router. If SonosNet is set to channel 1, you should set the router to channel 11 or vice versa.

Thanks mate, running with 1 for router and 11 on Sonos now. Fingers crossed. Thanks heaps man, appreciate you taking the time to help. Good karma to you all week! ;)


for the past 3 weeks I have had multiple systems (some fully hard wired with SonosNet disabled, some not, dropping rooms and basically wasting my time while ruining my reputation).


I have contacted tech support multiple times and been told to try this and that. 


-Have isolated wifi channels used with my network to a low traffic channel

-Have isolated Sonosnet channels to low traffic channel

-Have moved Sonos units around in the partial wireless environment

-In the fully hard wired environment, I have had zones randomly disappear on a weekly basis.  I shouldn’t be asking commercial clients to “power cycle” their systems...or go without them during peak business hours.


UDM Pro with all of the settings the same for quite some time...can’t win.

Each one could potentially be a distinct issue, there’s just not enough information to tell. Nor do I happen to know what UDM Pro is.

That being said, there’s the distinct possibility, given what you say you’ve done, that there is an issue with duplicate IP addresses on perhaps some of theses systems. The quick and dirty fix for this is to unplug all Sonos devices, and while they’re unplugged, reboot the router. When the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices. This fix is good until the next time the router in use looses its place in the DHCP table, and hands out bad IP addresses, which could be the next time Sonos releases new software, since part of that process does a soft reboot of the Sonos, without rebooting the router. This issue can occur on either wired or wireless systems. 

The better, longer lasting way to handle that potential is to go in to the router’s DHCP table, and assign reserved IP addresses for each and every Sonos device. 

But that may not be the issue on all these systems, you’d be best served by submitting a diagnostic from each errant one, and contacting Sonos customer service with that specific diagnostic number, rather than having a CS rep read from ‘it won’t connect’ script. At least then they’d have some hard data to look at. 


I have already assigned static ip addresses for each sonos device...I am sorry I forgot to mention that.  It made zero difference.


This UDM Pro, if pushed, can handle/dish out 10s of thousands of ip addresses.  I have had it set up as both a /24 network which handles the 255-1 (for the router) as well as for years at /18 giving me around 20k usable ip addresses.


The main subnet (guest not included) is currently setup to handle 500 or so ip addresses, while Sonos is set with static ip addresses.  At peak usage the unit is seeing approx 90 or so devices connected while combined with the public/guest networks.  It is on a gigabit CommunistCast connection which has had nearly 100 percent uptime since it was installed.  I’ve checked more than I can remember for duplicate ip addresses and so on.


Sonos after multiple discussions has said they see zero hardware errors on their end and little to no interference between the units that are communicating.  They have no clue why the wired units are going down on the other jobsite either.


I’d normally swap out all of the connects but my Port order has been in queue for 3 or 4 months and I won’t see it until Sept ‘21 at best.