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I am using Sonos App from my PC and sending music to Sonos: Connect. The "Connect" is hooked up to a Onkyo P-306RS Super Servo Pre-Amp powered by a Onkyo M-506RS Power Amp. The connection works fine, however, when I'm not playing music (no volume) I can hear "popping and cracking" (static) from my speakers. Sonos folks cannot identify or provide reasons for the crackling sounds. Please, anyone experiencing like issues provide remedial action.

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When you unplug the connect from the Pre-amp does the crackling go away.
Chris, thanks for the response. I will try this fix tomorrow morning and let you know the outcome. I'm also going to ground the amp and pre-amp as it has a European plug and is currently ungrounded. However, when I use the system with other components, i.e., CD, turntable or iPod (using "AUX") there is no popping. Again, thanks!
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Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
u-boatman wrote:

However, when I use the system with other components, i.e., CD, turntable or iPod (using "AUX") there is no popping.

Based on what you have said, there also is no popping when the Connect is playing music. If so, for there to be popping only when the Connect is not playing music, is puzzling. What happens if you wire the Connect to one of the above input sockets - other than phono/turntable - on the pre amp where there is no popping, ever? If the pre amp has a digital input, what happens if you use that via the appropriate cable?
Thank you Kumar for your response. I cannot tell if there is popping while playing music via the Connect because the music masks any sub-level distortion. I will "work-around" the configuration, i.e., plug connect into "PHONO",
iPod or "TAPE". I will let you know what the outcome is. I will try grounding the system today (European plug with no ground wire) and see if that reduces the issue. Thanks again and I will keep you in the loop!
Chris and Kumar, I attempted to ground the system this morning (via outlet receptable and wiring to both pieces). Popping remains. Chris: When I disconnect the "Connect" (OUTPUT) leading to amp, the crackling and popping are gone. If I move the RCA jacks (OUTPUT to INPUT on system), I can actually hear (in the background) music playing from my Sonos Cell phone app! Kumar: will try connecting to other input sockets this morning. Thank you gents for your input and support.
I am having a similar problem. In my case the popping sounds very much like static, or a brief short-circuit popping, usually several pops in succession, each less than a second apart. I've done a lot of troubleshooting of this, and have isolated it to the Connect. (Originally noticed the problem connected to an amplifier, then just to a portable bluetooth speaker wired to the output of the Connect. The exact same popping occurs on both audio systems. And neither the amplifier nor portable speaker have the problem when I remove the Connect from the equation.) It seems like the problem is getting worse with continued use. It's a brand new Connect - received it just last month from Sonos.


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