speaker placement for better wifi connection

  • 17 January 2020
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I have a problem with my Playbar cutting out when streaming music from my main Mac music library- I suspect it may be due to a weaker wifi signal where my speaker is currently located & where it needs to be (my modem is a few rooms away from my office where my modem needs to be to keep my work computer connect via ethernet as I need the speed)

I’ve read that Sonos speakers act as a kind of wi-fi relay - currently I have my Sonos Sub close by my Playbar so it probably getting the same weakish wi-fi signal (although the laptop that is adjacent to it can stream youtube etc via wi-fi without issue)

If I was to move my sub closer to the room with the modem would that help the signal?

or does the signal need to go to the Playbar first?

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Hi. Sonos speakers do not relay WiFi at all. They will relay data transmitted over SonosNet, but that would  only apply if you had a Sonos device wired to your network.

Even allowing for that, the signal does have to go to  the Playbar.  The Sub gets its data from the Playbar via a 5GHz direct routing rhat does not involve your WiFi.

With your current setup moving the Sub would not achieve anything,  I'm afraid. 

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Thanks John

it was worth a try ;-)

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would one of these help?

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Sonos has recommend discarding your Bridge devices, they are very old tech, use long obsolete networking and are prone to power supply issues. A Bridge is the modern replacement for the Bridge devices.

You could achieve about the same thing by wiring a Sonos speaker in your office, the Boost has a slightly superior radio but not by much. I wouldn’t use a Play 5 Gen 1 or any ZP that is SonosNet v1.0 though.

For a few bucks more than the Boost you get music too.