soundbar wireless sub interference with sonos

  • 5 June 2017
  • 6 replies

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problem is cutting out on play3s from a wireless sub being turned on, if I turn it off the sub only I get no cut outs. I'm assuming its a 2.4 thing but wondering what I can do.

1st my setup is, tv optical to soundbar with a wireless sub(vizio).
2nd audio out from headphone of tv into the rca on connect.
3rd sonos play 3s paired.

sonos meshnet or wireless does not make a difference.

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6 replies

Problems with 3rd party wireless subwoofers have been reported for many years. Some use a proprietary 2.4GHz spread-spectrum technique which upsets well-behaved, channelised 2.4GHz occupants such as WiFi and SonosNet.
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if I have a sonos brand sounbbar and wireless sub would this fix this issue? and/or just get another brand wired up soundbar to sub?
You can submit a system diagnostic whilst the 3rd party sub is operating. Post the confirmation number, and someone from Sonos Support can take a look to confirm the picture. But it sounds like you've verified that the sub is to blame.

A Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB would obviously be compatible with the rest of your Sonos kit.

As for an alternative 3rd party soundbar/sub it depends what you get. Clearly a wired sub would be no problem, as would a wireless one which uses 5GHz.
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if the soundbar and sub are not internet wifi capable, could they use 5ghz only to communicate to each other? and sonos does not use 5ghz then?
Anything could use 5GHz if it choose. We're talking here about the actual radio band. The protocols which operate in it -- WiFi being an obvious example -- are a separate matter. 5GHz is well suited for in-room wireless links, as its range isn't that great.

Sonos does use 5GHz, but only to communicate between a PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE and its satellites (SUB and/or surrounds). It basically occupies a standard (20MHz wide) WiFi channel, which it selects dynamically to avoid other wireless users.
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so within my current setup, if I eliminate a 2.4 soundbar setup, getting a 5ghz soundbar/sub setup or go wired sub setup ill have no more issues with my sonos cutting out. because my plays 3s don't use 5ghz.
just cant afford the sonos bar and sub so gotta think within my boundaries. but thanks.