Soundbar scratching BUT only when ethernet cord is plugged in and reciecing 5.1

  • 16 December 2016
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My Soundbar starts making a scratching when i recieve DD 5.1 sound. Dosent seems to scratch (or make drop out on stereo) or play music. The "funny" thing is that it ONLY happens when ethernet cord is plugged in the Soundbar. As soon as i remove ethernet cord from the soundbar it stops scratching and the sound is fine.

But if i remove the ethernet cord, half my SONOS players disapear. There is also a SONOS BOOST connected to the SONOS system in another room (fairly far away).
Anyone have a clue why a connected ethernet cord are causing scratching sound when plugged in?. Only resent changing in my system is adding 3 more play:1. (and did the updates)

Regards Brian.

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6 replies

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When you say 'scratching', do you mean sounds layered on top of the TV sound. Or do you mean intermitted pauses in the sound? There are bunch of threads about soundbar issues when playing DD5.1 signals. Might be a recent regression.
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HI apurva1618

i mean intermitted pauses in the sound. But sometimes very fast, 1 sec sound then 1 sec pause. I have seen theres a bunch of treads about DD5.1 andsoundbar issues, but since my playbar plays DD5.1 fine when unplugging the ethernet cabel i was´nt sure if my issue was the same. But if anyone have issues with DD5.1 and could try unplug the ethernet cabel from the soundbar and see if it help and write the answer her, would be appreciated.

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Very interesting, mine is plugged in as well. Will try unplugging it to see if anything changes. Of course, I will then lose sonosnet, since the playbar is the only device that is plugged in. And I have 5 play:1's spread out across the house, so maybe the others will suffer without sonosnet. But I will certainly try it and report back.

With this random audio dropping, the sound from TV is basically useless at best, and jarring at worst. Also, which TV do you have?
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The sound drops could be because of the ethernet cable.

It is a Playbar problem as too many devices show this problem. I get no cut out on streaming, recorded material or bluray - only on live TV or from my Sky box.
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-->apurva1618 . I got a Sony Bravia hx-920. When your hear your sundbar not playing right, just shortly unplug the ethernet cabel and see if the sound then is ok. As soon as the cabel get plugged in again it start the intermitted pause thing. (or at least thats what happens for me)
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So, regarding the ethernet cable. I have an ethernet cable connecting my playbar and router (which creates a SonosNet for me). The playbar has been the only wired unit for a while (at least a month). As such, all my sonos units show WM:0. I have never had issues with TV audio and the playbar plugged in to my router.

However, sometime very recently, I plugged another ethernet cable into one of my play:1 units which is pretty far away in order to pass on the connection to my Xbox 1 which had trouble connecting to my home wifi. This play:1 is in a different zone from my 5.1 setup and is part of a stereo pair in another room. That solved the connection issues on my xbox, but I think that plugging this in coincided with the drops in TV audio.

When I removed the ethernet cable from my play:1 over the weekend, the TV audio on my playbar 5.1 setup is back to normal. I find it hard to believe that the two observations are related, but the correlation is hard to argue with.

Leaving this out there in case it helps Sonos figure out what is going on.