Soundbar keeps dropping out, requiring powering off and on

  • 6 May 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi there

We've had an issue with the Soundbar for months. TV sound keeps dropping out randomly, sounding patchy before usually going completely quiet.

We unplug the power to the Soundbar, and then wait for it to power up. Every time it picks up the sound again, it goes briefly patchy and drops out, before fading up and resuming proper sound.

I have tried connecting another Sonos item (Play 5) to the router via ethernet. This didn't resolve the issue. I've also moved the router closer to the Soundbar. The issue persists and is still random.

FWIW, router is Ausus RT-AC68P.

Diagnostics confirmation number: 7370964.

If you could please help us resolve this for once and for all, that would be great.


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1 reply

Hello Elevatorbones, what is the audio source when the sound drops out? Is it just TV, or does it happen with music services as well? Unfortunately, the diagnostic you sent had no information, can you try submitting another and posting the confirmation code again?