Soundbar does not play 2ch audio from Samsung Smart TV

  • 28 July 2017
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I just got my sound bar delivered and setup.

I am having issues with my sound cutting out. I can start a show/movie from the apps on my samsung TV and the sound works fine, but then I start another show/movie and the sound stops working.

I have shutoff the sound bar and TV to attempt to fix it and that worked once.

Then I was watching one show on Amazon app on my TV and it was fine. Then I went to play the next episode and the sound didn't work. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to come back.

I tried another show and it worked.

Narrowing it down, it seems right now the 5.1 shows work fine, but anything streaming in 2ch doesn't work (even though it was working before).

If I change my output on my TV from Dolby Digital to PCM it starts working.

Shouldn't I be able to set my output from the TV to be Dolby Digital and have it work regardless of the video stream encoding?

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2 replies

Hi cjinfantino, Welcome to the community

You certainly should be able to set the output of the TV to Dolby Digital and have it work regardless of the stream encoding, Could you submit a Diagnostic shortly after you get a drop in the audio with the TV set on Dolby Digital, reply to us with the number and let us know the source that you were watching.Then could you let us know the model of the TV and how you have the playbar connected also let us know if you have any soruces external to the TV that have an optical output.

Do let us know, many thanks
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What was the resolution here?