Sound levels not consistent playing Apple Music

  • 26 October 2017
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I have several Sonos speakers and recently switched all my music over to Apple Music. I had a party the other day and noticed I was constantly having to adjust the sound volume of the music being played through the Sonos speakers. I was controlling the music through the Sonos phone app. It was extremely annoying. I searched all over both the Apple Music app, the Sonos app and Sonos forums for some reference to "sound check" (the feature in iTunes that keeps all song levels uniform) but could not find anything. Is there something I am missing? It was a royal pain to have to adjust the sound volume every 5 minutes over several hours.

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1 reply

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That's an odd issue, but it doesn't seem like something that would be on Sonos end. If the Sonos volume isn't changing then I'd expect the problem to be the streaming source (note: not your phone, that's just the controller).

If you stream the music to your phone do you notice any change in volume levels? That might help isolate the issue.