Sound dropping with Arc while watching TV - maddening

  • 31 December 2020
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I’ve tried troubleshooting through Reddit, etc. but am either at the point where I have to return the TV or the Arc.   Sonos Arc hooked up to Sony X90CH - both only a couple of weeks old.  When streaming from native apps on the TV, the sound will drop out randomly and i have to turn the TV on and off to get it to work. This is happning through the Android TV - no other items hooked up right now.

I’ve submitted multiple diagnostics, so hoping a Sonos rep will engage so we can attempt to see if it’s the Arc or TV. 





I didn’t get a screenshot of the other. 

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1 reply

Only SONOS staff have access to the diagnostics. Meanwhile, make sure that the TV’s firmware is up to date. I have seen reports of SONY TV’s being weird until they are factory reset. I think that you can reboot your model if you hold the remote’s power button for at least five seconds. Reboot is less disruptive and may help.

Another item to check is the TV’s audio output format. If the program switches to an unsupported format, Arc will mute.

It’s best to submit a diagnostic within a few minutes of an event because some details scroll out of the message buffer after a while.