Sound drop outs on old sonos play 5

  • 2 February 2017
  • 1 reply

For a few years I've had a sonos connect and an old Sonos play 5. Just recently I've purchased a sub, sound bar and 2 new play 5's as surrounds for the living room. The old play 5 is in the dining room. The dining room and the living room have an archway so you can see the living room telly when you are sat at the dining room table. I've been using the group option on the sonos app to play the sound from the living room telly in the dining room on the old play 5. But every couple of minutes the sound drops out for about a second, then comes back on. The old play 5 seems fine playing music from Apple Music or my network drive and I don't get any sound dropouts from any source on the new set up in the living room.

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas about how to fix it?


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1 reply

Chris ,

I have the same problem with my surround [two play one's , a sub and a playbar and a connect] although i am not sure when exactly it occurred.
The complete sound [only tv sound] drops now and then for a sec and sometimes for longer.
So i wondered also if anyone had a clue ..