Sound cuts of Sonos arc after few min..

  • 13 November 2021
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i Have read about this arc/TV problems with sound.”But i think this is a new version of it” so after i connected my arc there didn´t come any sound to the bar, unplugging hdmi at arc, sound comes to  TV.  so i unplug the TV/ ARC  and it worked,,, for few minutes.. take the tv down unplug all cabels and up and running for 5 minutes..   this is my job now and getting nuts on it… i have sent diagnose but what happens next?? talking with digital cpu is not helping..Thanks.

4 replies

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What model TV do you own? Have you turned on CEC in your TV’s settings? Have you performed the TV Setup process in the Sonos app?

LG 86UK 6500. .. as far as i know i have done the whole setup in the app. have had sonos playbar for years.. ,, CEC i don´t see that in tv,, been trough i think all tv audio possibilities..   The strage thing is it works after few annoying plug and unplug tv/ arc attempt … but just for a while, then silence.

i see now , yes the CEC is on.

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Do you have any other external media devices connected to the TV?

Try this:

Disconnect everything including the Arc from the TV and unplug the Arc and TV from power for a couple of minutes. Plug the Arc and TV back in but keep everything disconnected. Make sure Simplink (CEC) is turned on in the TV settings. Run the TV Setup process under the Arc’s settings in the Sonos app and connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC (HDMI 2) port when the app instructs you to. After the Arc has been successfully connected to the TV, connect your other devices to the TV.