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  • 9 December 2019
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Hi, I have a concrete building in two floors and have a quite unstable WiFi network. On the lower floor I have about 4 Sonos devices and on the upper floor I have 5 Sonos devices. Today the installation is WiFi and it often works but often sound come and go when playing music. I think I will try the Sonos net way instead and will connect a bridge to my router on the lower floor. I’m not sure that the connection will be good on the upper floor due to all the concrete. I have a network outlet at the upper floor but not were I can place a Sonos speaker but a bridge is possible to place there.  Is it possible to connect another Sonos bridge on the upper floor to enhance the Sonos net on that floor and have the first Sonos bridge on the lower floor? Will that help my setup. My thought is that the lower Sonos bridge connected to the router will support the devices there and the bridge at the upper floor will help my devices at the upper floor. 

Does it work that way or will the second bridge not give any better coverage?

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8 replies

First off, the Bridge is an older product that Sonos no longer sells and does not recommend using for network improvements anymore.  The Boost is it’s replacement.

As far as the networking issue, your plan might be helpful.   Before buying a Boost though, I’d use one or two of your existing speakers to test it out.  I would wire 1 speaker on the upper floor temporarily and see if it resolves the drop outs.  If not, try adding a wired speaker on the lower floor as well.  If either work, then adding a Boost or two will accomplish the same thing.


You might want to also consider improving your WiFi coverage with a mesh/satellite system. Something like Netgear’s Arlo could be setup with a base unit downstairs and a satellite unit upstairs.  You might be able to wire the two units together from the network outlet you mentioned earlier.  This would have the advantage of improving WiFi for all your devices.


Hi, thanks for the answer. The thing is that I have 2 bridges since Before and I had not read anything that they were not recommended any more. I understand that the Boost ia a newer device with better antennas, performance and so on.


Today the wifi is what you suggested. I have a Netgear’s Arlo downstairs connected to my routerand a satellite unit upstairs that is wired with Cable to the one downstairs.


But the sound sometimes works fine in all the roums and then somestimes it sways, disconnects and reconnects. I thought I would get rid of potential wifi and channel problems by turning the installation to pure sonos net installation and in that way have a sepearat network (sonos net) working as an own mesh system with no interference from other wifi devices.


One problem in the work of solving this is that this is a summer house located 1 hour away from home. So I have a hard time to try different solutions and giving direct feedback if they work or not.

I’m surprised Arlo didn’t work out for you.  You could try using the bridges, and see if that helps, and/or the other experiments I suggested.  If it doesn’t work, I’d submit a diagnostic and record the number.   You can then call Sonos staff (or post in this thread) while you are at the summer home or afterwards and they can give you an idea of what the issue is and possible solutions.


Hi. I’m also surprised with the Netgear solution. Last time I was there I made the change and connected a cable between the base and the disk and thought that I had it all solved. So the part with the bridges is just to se what is the case if I separate my devices on their own Sonos net. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions and I will follow them. 

But you see nothing negative to use two bridges? One for each floor?

I wouldn’t use a BRIDGE anymore, given the rate of failure of those power supplies. I would use BOOSTs. But I’d try the connection to speakers first, as melvimbe  suggested.


Ok. Is there because that the power supplies is dangerous or just their failure rate?. The thing is that I have 2 bridges since before laying in the drawer. 

Failure rate. They seem to vary in output, which affects the ability on the WiFi side of things. Given their age at this point, I wouldn’t trust them, which is why melvimbe’s suggestion makes so much sense. 


Ok, I see. What do you all think about the Netgear mesh setup that is not working. I had wrong information above. The solution is Netgear Orbi AC2200 with the main device plugged in the main router on lower floor. Thought that would cover the Sonos devices there as they have free sight to the Orbi. On the upper floor I have a Orbi disc connected to “the main Orbi” with an Ethernet cable. My thought was that it would be perfect for the coverage on that floor. 

The bridge experiment was to separate Sonos to their own Sonos net network. But I really would like all the Sonos to work with my Netgear setup. The WiFi coverage is ok if I look in my iPhone standing next to every Sonos device. So it should work but it doesn’t. 

Any suggestions there?