• 16 February 2017
  • 1 reply

Tv sound not working but works when playing Netflix or anything using smart tv apps

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1 reply

I'm assuming you're asking for help, although it's much more of a statement than anything else.

I'm assuming you have a Playbar, connected to a TV via an optical cable. If that's not correct, than none of this will make much sense.

I'd check the audio settings on your TV. Make sure that they're set to either stereo, or Dolby Digital, which will restrict the signal being sent out through the optical cable to something that can be interpreted by the Playbar. It sounds like the settings for the Smart TV apps and Netflix are already set, you want to make sure anything else that you play is as well. So, after you check the TV's audio settings, take a look at any device that feeds data in to your TV, like a cable box, or DVD player, etc, and make sure that the audio settings on them are also locked down to Dolby Digital.

Finally, if none of this makes sense, how about doing 2 things. First, let us know a little bit more information, so that the folks here in the community (and there are a lot of them who have a bunch of extremely useful knowledge that they are willing to share) have something more to go on, and second, post a diagnostic.

It will give the Sonos reps who work these boards an opportunity to look at recent logs from your system which might help them figure out what might be going on.

Good luck.