Sony Receiver Issue?

This might be a bit complicated both because of my limited tech knowledge as well as the nature of the problem. I have multiple Sonos devices throughout my house with several tv soundbars, a play one in the bathroom, a playbase in living room, and several connect:amps running speakers in garage and patio. One of the TVs has a beam on it (guest room). Downstairs is my main tv, receiver (Sony STR-ZA3100ES), and also tied into Sonos System via another connect:amp.

It’s all great except for one glitch. Whenever the guest room is running anything, either tv or music, the receiver downstairs switches to the music input and any attempt to switch to another source will either cause it to switch back or shut off. So, effectively, if someone is using guest room Sonos, you cannot watch tv downstairs. Shut down guest room and everything else works fine.


Sonos problem, Sony problem, what?





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Hello @Devildoc99,

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out with your question.

I would hesitate to make a diagnosis without some hard data.

Can you submit a diagnostic report so I can take a look at how your system is behaving?

It sounds like it may be a Sony “problem” but it could also be something in how your Sonos is configured.  If you could include the confirmation number in your response I would be happy to look into this with you. 

Thanks for your reply.

I did create a diagnostic report.

Confirmation No. : 1086799159.



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Hey great, @Devildoc99, thanks for the diagnostic report.

Is the Sony receiver wired to the “Basement” Connect?  

Are you able to trace all of the wire connections between this Connect and the Sony Receiver?

Is the TV in the guest room connected with any other audio out connections to the receiver or other devices?

I’m not seeing anything specific in the configuration from over here, but tracing the wires might help us figure this out.