SonosOne playback delay on Macbook

  • 4 March 2019
  • 4 replies

I have a SonosOne and I use it with my iPhone X or Macbook Pro (early 2015) 10.13.6.
Whenever I switch between watching videos on YouTube from my Mac there is a delay of minimum 10 seconds. Secondly, it automatically changes the song when my iPhone's Music playlist is being used via the Sonos app. Lastly, when in the world is Sonos going to update for a lock-screen feature?

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4 replies

1) How is your Sonos One connected to your Mac? Are you using AirPlay 2, or do you have a Sonos with a line-in?

2) That sentence doesn't make sense to me. What automatically changes the song? When one song ends, the next is supposed to start, isn't it?

3) Unknown. I have inferred from many various posts by Sonos employees that Sonos is working with Apple, to fix both the iOS 'unable to finish a song when the iOS device locks' issue, and the lock screen issue. Both are a reflection of a change made by Apple, and the rather unique way that Sonos works, where the "player" isn't actually on the iOS device, but instead on the speaker.
1. I’m using Airplay
2. It means that the song doesn’t finish and it skips onto the next one without me changing it ofcourse.
Ah, I see. Then 2's answer is the same as 3, since it's the same change made by Apple.

As for 1, there's 2 possibilities. One is that it's the way AirPlay 2 is designed. For instance, when I start an AirPlay 2 stream from my iPhone, there's always a several second delay before it starts to play on my Sonos. Never checked to see how many, might be 10, don't really know.

Or, it's also possible that there's some issues with your Sonos One maintaining a connection to your LAN signal, either wired or wireless, it's not clear from your post. Is there a similar delay occasionally sending commands to change streaming music to the speaker? That would be a confirming issue. One thing that gets exposed by Sonos updates is issues with the DHCP tables on various routers. It's not caused by Sonos, just exposed by the way they reboot their speakers when they install new software. Fairly easily rectified, by unplugging the speaker, then rebooting the router, and once the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos. If that helps, you may want to look in to reserving IP addresses for your network devices, if a router can get 'confused' once, it's likely to happen again.
Good heavens. I was distracted, and forgot to mention the more likely issue of wifi interference. More people are hit by this by a long shot than they are by the duplicate IP address issue.