Sonosnet and Sub?

  • 10 May 2013
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Does a Sonos Sub behave like any other node on Sonosnet? I ask because I positioned a Play:5 not three feet from one today and it couldn't participate in the network. The Play:5 was brought to the outside of the house and plugged in on the opposite side of a stucco wall from the Sub, but at such short range to its nearest neighbor, I would have thought it would work. I bought the Play:5 so I could bring it out to our back yard now and then, and it failed miserably on the first try. Works fine inside the house, 30 feet from the nearest other Sonos component, but it is useless in its intended position, very close (albeit on the exterior wall from) a Sub. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

1 reply

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Hello, TSo is the PLAY I would like to see a diagnostic work. The SUB will act as repeater automatically. I am not sure what the signal between the SUB and PLAY 5 is right now, and trying to go through the outdoor wall could be causing the signal to become weaker. So please use the attached Sonos Answer to submit a diagnostic so we can see what the wireless signal is currently. Please run the diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number that is generated. I would like to see what the diagnostic shows. Answer Title: Submit System Diagnostics Answer Link: