Sonos ZP90 (connect) line out dropping audio, while TOSLINK is fine?

  • 5 December 2016
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Currently have two ZP90 and two Play:1 devices on my network.

What's been driving me crazy: audio dropouts from the ZP90's. But only from the RCA line outs...
The audio will be fine and then all of a sudden, nothing. I can, however, turn my amp up all the way and hear the music very faintly.

One one of my ZP90's, a few seconds later, the audio comes back. Every few minutes or so, it goes away again for a few seconds.

On the other ZP90, the audio goes away and doesn't come back. I don't know how long I have to let it sit before it starts working again.
Here's the strange thing: the TOSLINK output works fine!

Could my units be damaged? Both ZP90's at the same time started this behavior, and everything was working fine for many years before this...
I submitted support diagnostics, confirmation number is 6825737.

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5 replies

It does seem very strange indeed that both ZP90s should start to act up simultaneously. What happens if you (a) replace the RCA cables or (b) swap the ZPs over?

What are the ZPs connected to? TOSLINK will electrically isolate them, but RCA will ground them via the cable sheath. Does the downstream equipment continue to work with other sources when the ZPs take a time-out?
One is connected to a Yamaha receiver, which is otherwise working fine. This is the same receiver I tested the toslink with. I tried changing the RCA cable, no help. The other is connected to a standalone self-powered bookshelf speaker set (sub and 2 speakers)
If you swap the ZP90s over, do their behaviour patterns move with them?
Tonight, before swapping, I took a baseline. both are cutting out on RCA and returning a few seconds later. Same behavior on both. I swapped them and they did the same. The TOSLINK outputs are working 100% ok. By the way, one is wired and the other on Sonos net.
Mystifying. Your next port of call is Sonos Support. Submit a diagnostic after a dropout and post the number.