Sonos / worst software developers ever

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You're absolutely right about ARPU. I bought one Sonos product. It worked so well I bought more to add two-room capability. That worked so well I bought more to add my existing stereo system to the mix. That all worked so well I then installed a bunch of Sonos gear in a house I own in another country. And it all happily communicates with itself. I've even thrown in Apple routers and Chromecasts to put Airplay and casting into the mix. Guess what? That worked, too. And, thanks to Roon, I can now play all music files I own through Sonos, even those that Sonos can't natively handle. Roon and my external hard drives and NASs neatly communicate with Sonos through my network. It's like magic! But do I think Sonos is perfect? Not by any means. Search my posts in this community and you'll discover that I think there is much to criticize. However, I'll say it again: connectivity is not on that list.
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Sminja, no scoop. Well known to the 1000's of consumers that constantly get 'unable to connect' messages on sonos apps across the planet - everyday due to poor coding, poor hardware and weak stability. Good try tho. Making out like its isolated. It isn't. As you know.
Yawn. Sigh.
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Hey All,

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