Sonos with Ubquiti

  • 3 June 2020
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For anyone having Sonos setup issues running Ubiquiti WiFi here are some of my experiences. 

Firstly I have two Sonos Ones and my home WiFi is running off a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO access point. When attempting to run the initial setup I would consistently get “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again” when trying to join the Sonos Ones to my home WiFi via my iPhone. Devices were both on the same 2Ghz network. I took the Sonos Ones to another location running a Ubiquiti Amplifi and was setup in minutes. 

Some of the settings I had to change to get the Sonos working on my home WiFi were on the Unifi Controller as follows:

  • Under Settings (cog bottom left corner) > WiFi > WiFi Networks > I had to edit my WiFi network and disable the Guest Policies under Network Access and disable Combine Name/SSID under Miscellaneous.

Once I had made these two changes I was able to complete the wireless setup process with both Sonos appliances. These changes were not ideal and I’d prefer to have left the Guest Policies enabled. Just putting this out there for anyone with Sonos and Ubiquiti issues and hope that it may help. Also seeking some feedback as to why these changes were necessary. 





3 replies

Hi.  Sonos needs some care when access points and mesh networks are involved.  The best solution in most cases involves wiring one Sonos device to the network so that Sonos operates using SonosNet.  This gets all the Sonos traffic off the WiFi and removes a number of potential difficulties with access points..

This is in fact how Sonos was originally designed to operate, and I would recommend it to any user except perhaps those with simple networks and only 1 or 2 speakers.


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I looked at what Ubiquity goodies/options I’d have to give up in WiFi mode and moved all my Sonos to SonosNet by wiring all of the ones that were easy to get to.

I have the same problem, but cannot wire any of my sonos products - router is on a different floor.

Will the Sonos Boost solve the problem?