SONOS with Netgear Orbi

  • 27 December 2017
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Can I run SONOS speakers on Netgear Orbi 2.4ghz network? I keep trying to connect to Orbi network and I even get a message that it is configured and connected but when I try it, the network has reverted back to my previous network which only covers part of our home.

My problem is that the speakers are connecting to network, but when I try to change songs with my iphone, ipad or macbook, the network strength on my 2.4 ghz house network si not strong enought os I have upgraded to Orbi which supports 2.4 ghz as well. My iphone, ipad and macbook all connect fine with Orbi but my speakers cannot connect. so I end up with speakers on one network and Mac equipment on Orbi and as you know it will not work....

When I configure, I do have a SONOS speaker plugged in to the ethernet.

Orbi states that it provides a 2.4ghz network and SONOS states that it requires a 2.4ghz network, so it should be working??

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5 replies

I have had dramas with my Sonos network since installing an Orbi and Satellite. I was experiencing dropouts which was frustrating as i bought the Orbi to try and stop the dropouts. I have a play 1, sound bar + sub and a Connect I use with a Yamaha Amp for outside. I was urged to buy a Boost to set up an exclusive wifi channel for Sonos. Since then I have not had an issue after some teething problems. The Sonos support team were great over the phone and assisted in running diagnostics to show me what channel to run the Orbi 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels as well as Sonos channel to avoid interference. I am also running macs and iPhones. The only issue i have had that is outstanding is the Orbi app wont work on my phone, which i am awaiting a response from Netgear. Hope this helps.
Can you tell me which channels you ended up using for the Orbi 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels as well as the Sonosnet channel? Thanks
I’m interested in the same. It appears I’m having issues that could be related to the channels for 5Ghz.
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Should be no issues. I have Orbi but I run sonosnet with one hooked to Orbi