Sonos wireless network connectivity

  • 20 June 2018
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I have: ZP90, AMP, 2xPlay5 and Boost, all connected via WiFi.

Router - ZP90
AMP - BOOST - Play5

I have a problem when I want to use the Internet and the Sonos app on an Android phone with the Sonos_Mt401TvCFV1 network ....

If I'm in range ZP90, AMP, BOOST everything is ok, but if I want to use Sonos_Mt401TvCFV1 .... through any Play5 then I can not get a connection. The signal strength is 100%.
This is a problem because being in the Play5 range I can not control using the Sonos application.

The problem is only with Play5. Any idea?

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5 replies

Knock, Knock ?
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Hey there, Slaw. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. From the sounds of it, it seems that while you are able to connect, no data is passing through. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic report and replying here with the confirmation number it gives at the end?

Additionally, can you tell us a little more about how Sonos is plugged into your home network? What is the make and model of the router you are using? Is this the device Sonos is plugged into via Ethernet? It would be most helpful to understand how Sonos is being fed data from the network.

Thanks again!
Hey. Thank you for your answer.

I am away from home, but I will soon send a diagnostic report.

Currently, all Sonos devices are connected to the network via WiFi and control them with the application on Android. My phone connects to the WiFI network from the router (TP-Link Archer C7) or to the network broadcast by Sonos (Sonos_Mt401TvCFV1 ....)

Android seamlessly connects to the Sonos_Mt401TvCFV1 .... network, broadcast by CONNECT, CONNECT: AMP and BOOST.
If Android is within range of the Sonos_Mt401TvCFV1 ... network, broadcast by PLAY5, it does not receive the IP address, even when the signal strength is 100%. This situation occurs on both PLAY5 speakers.

I would add that it does not matter whether CONNECT is connected to a home network via Ethernet or via WiFi. Sonosnet Key has been reset several times.
Hey there, Slaw. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic report and replying here with the confirmation number it gives at the end?

Hi Keith
My diagnostic report is:

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Thanks for the diagnostic report, Slaw. If these problems occur regardless if the Connect is plugged in or wireless, it seems like we may want to get a better look at how data is running along the network in real time. That being said, it would be best if you could give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this over a remote session. They can get a much closer look at the network and see what is causing the disconnection.