Sonos will randomly stop/pause song from Spotify

My Sonos Play 3 will randomly stop playing a song from Spotify. Then I have to go back into Spotify and click play again. How can I fix this?

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Hello Neema5, welcome to the community. Would you mind showing us the confirmation number from a diagnostic report? Here's how:
Hi Miles - my confirmation number is 7657289
Miles - any update here? Now my Spotify won't play on the Sonos at all. All the songs just skip and won't play
Any updates here? Still doesn't work guys
Hey Neema5, there's a new software update available; would you install it and then test out Spotify? Send over another diagnostic after a bit if you'd like.

From the Sonos App on Your Phone or Tablet, Choose

Settings > Online Updates > Let's do This
Seems to be working now after the update, thanks. Here is a new diagnostic 7744857
Nico - it's not working again and doing the same thing. When I connect to the Sonos on Spotify it skips the song and shows the song fully played and won't play any music. See here

Please advise - this is honestly getting really annoying for such an expensive product.
I'm having the same issue. Seem to have started in the last few months. Any solution?
Same here. Plays the whole day and then randomly stops. Most annoying
Add me to the list of people with the skippy / pause / stop playing issue with Sonos and Spotify playlists. Diagnostic ID : 8339325.
I found this thread doing a google search to find out why sonos will play spotify for about 5 seconds, then stop. Sometimes it comes back on, most of the time, I have to hit play again. It almost seems like a buffer problem. or sometimes, it just stops randomly. It seems like this started with an update a couple of months ago.
I found some advice online about making sure my many wifi devices were running on a different channel and set
my home wife to channel 1 and put my Sonos on channel 6. So far I'm not having the pause problem anymore. It has only been a few days so time will tell.
There is definitely something up with Spotify lately. Keeps telling me unable to play songs. Network Speed insufficient. I know there is nothing wrong with my network or broadband connection. Plus, all other music services are working fine on Sonos.
Just downloaded latest Sonos update, Feb17, 2018. At my party today, my Spotify playlist kept stopping. Had to hit Play again all day long. So bummed! Spent hours making the playlist and total fail.
Also, while adding songs to the Spotify Playlist via Spotify app during the party, those new songs do not show up in the Sonos app. ie you cannot use the Sonos app to select the playlist, because it is not updating with new songs.
Diagnostic # 8506341
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Hi there, HendrixHunter. Thanks for posting your diagnostic report number. Was this report run during the party or at the time of posting? This will help me to get a better understanding of the environment I can see in the report. Thanks for clarifying!
i have the same problem...
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ritabmfernandes: Please submit a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. I am happy to take a look and advise. Thanks.
419296211 Thanks 😉
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No problem, happy to help. Based on the diagnostic report, it seems your Living Room PLAY:3 is having a hard time reaching the router with a steady connection. Can you tell us a little more about the router, specifically the make and model?
Same issue... report 1184096376
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Same issue... report 1184096376

Hi suseq,

There appears to be some wireless interference causing communication issues between your BRIDGE and other Sonos speakers. The signal between your BRIDGE and Kitchen unit is especially poor.

Please start by changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using. This can help reduce interference from your wireless network and other nearby signals.

It may also help to move any third party electronics, such as cordless phones, away from, and not in between, your Sonos speakers.

Please send along a new diagnostic number if these steps don't do the trick.
Have the same problem! I can without problem use the Sonos app on my Android, but when i use the Spotify app, I can play like 3 songs, and then it stops. Sometimes i have to take the power off my Sonos One, before I can use it again.
# 3847796
And sometimes it says on the Spotify app that it is connected to my Sonos speaker, and i can see it playing, but no sound is comming out!
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Have the same problem! I can without problem use the Sonos app on my Android, but when i use the Spotify app, I can play like 3 songs, and then it stops. Sometimes i have to take the power off my Sonos One, before I can use it again.
# 3847796

Hi Jimbo11,

Thanks for sending in your diagnostic report. Due to the nature of this issue it would be best to troubleshoot this over the phone. Please give us a call and our phone team will be able to help out. You can find our phone number and hours here.
Hi Guys, Diagnostic nr is 651555569.
I've been falling back to old bluetooth speakers just to play a full album through my Spotify account. I'm constantly getting the message that it's 'unable to play 'song name' - the connection to Spotify was lost' after it's played 1 or 2 songs without issue. Trying to play the playlist through the Sonos app or using Spotify app doesn't make a difference. Ive recently tried changing the wifi channel on the Sonos to channel 11. There are no devices that emit radio signals or such next to or in between the Sonos and my wifi-router. I hope this diagnostic report will give you some handle on this issue and help solve this problem as it's increasingly frustrating