Sonos will not add my shared Music folder on my Win7 PC

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The question was already asked ya genius.... like 5 times in this thread.

Why are you talking about laptops... just stop... you're embarrassing yourself.
today it was working fine and literally stopped working in the middle of playing my queue.

I recommend contacting your IT support. There is an issue on your local network, likely a duplicate IP address.
All I find are threads where all of a sudden, the music folder is lost, be it in normal working, or be it in upgrade. Whatever happens, the Sonos software is the common link over all Windows and Mac systems.
We can tweak firewalls, lose '$' signs, and generally fiddle with the settings but after 3 years of similar messages, one has to wonder about the Sonos software. What have you done to deserve all this blog interaction. I suggest either a re-do, or at least a fix?
It seems adding to music library has been known issue. Works for sometime when first installed and all of sudden no more access. Why Sonos does not make it more simple. I am wasting my time. I cannot add folder to music library.....