Sonos will longer play music from iPhone5. Error: track can't be added to queue"

Sonos will no longer play music from my iPhone 5. Error message says " track can not be added to the queue". Cleared the queue but no luck.

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Are you seeing the same error message pop up when trying to play music from any other sources (like the Music Library or a music service)? I'd also like to know if this occurs when the phone is close to the wireless router (with a strong signal) if it isn't already.

If you see the error again, please submit a diagnostic report by following the instructions <a href="">here</a> and let me know what the confirmation number is. I can take a closer look.

Hi Ryan, confirm # is 3124878 I have not had the error occur from any other source, only the music stored on the iphone. Happens near and far from router. I suspect something's wrong with my Music Library as I just started using it and that's when the trouble began. The music library runs off my laptop (I think). If the laptop isn't powered on, nothing works.
Ryan, Correction, if the laptop is powered off, Pandora and other services work fine but nothing from the Music Library. also, the error message was: unable to add track to queue
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Thanks for the diagnostic report. Do you have two separate routers on this network? I'm seeing that your iPhone is successfully connecting to the Sonos units on one network (address 10.0.1.x), but the phone's IP address indicates it's on a completely different network (192.168.1.x). Please let me know if your Sonos system is wired to the same router that your iPhone is connecting to wirelessly. Thanks.


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