Sonos was unable to add the music f. "There is no shared folder "data" on the computer "AAAS1150"

  • 7 January 2017
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What happened (today)... "Manage/Update music library now" failed. '\\AAASBS\Data\2Master_iTunes_Library\iTunes Media\Music' is no longer available. The device ... may not be powered on (not true) or the path may have changed (not true).

Manage/Service settings/ Music library/Folders/ + : returned the message documented in the title.

I had the same issue yesterday, installed a firewall and granted access to Sonos, unplugged all Sonos devices, unplugged Airport Base Station, re-installed the software, plugged Airport Base Station, Plugged Sonos Devices ... and it worked. I added my music folder on Sonos - the location as per finder afp://AAASBS._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Data/2Master_iTunes_Library/iTunes Media/Music/Adele/21/01 Rolling In The Deep.mp3 or afp://AAASBS._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Data/2Master_iTunes_Library/iTunes Library.itl - and created an accurate index. Today, I can not update the music library anymore. Diagnostic :6974434.

What should I do to obtain a stable process ?

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1 reply

In addition to my Troubleshooting Question: The process "Sonos/Manage/Update music library now" completes successfully Only Once after running the process "Airport Utility/Base Station/Restart..."

What do I need to do to obtain a stable process?