Sonos upgrade now music dropping when iPhone sleeps

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Hi, I have an iPhone 7 running the latest iOS 11.4.1, and just updated the sonos app. Now whenever my phone goes to sleep, the music from my iPhone library stops playing. Tried sonos e support, no resolution. Tried phone support, same result. I have a sonos play1 and 5 with a bridge. Have never had this problem. Re boooted everything and re installed the app, same problem. The only other devices I have at home are a tv and a ps4, so interference should be minimal.
To those in the community who berate people asking questions that “have been answered over and over”, I’m looking for help, not attitude.

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Hi myrndyck, the only reason the Sonos should stop playing music when the phone goes to sleep is if the music itself is coming off of the phone and it disconnects from the network. Are you able to check if the phone is now dropping connections from the network when it goes to sleep? Check in the battery saving settings if it's set to “disconnect from Wi-Fi while on standby”.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I went through my battery and wifi settings, but couldn’t find anything to let me know if it disconnects when the phone sleeps. I tried re booting everything yesterday, and that didn’t work either. Strangely, my wife’s iPhone 8, without the update, is using Sonos fine.
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Thanks. Under the battery settings, do you have Low Power Mode turned on? If so, try turning it off. This mode will turn off a lot of functions when it's asleep. You can just search for Battery under settings.
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Thanks for trying to help, I don’t have low power mode on. Sonos now says I should put my music on a laptop or pc, neither of which I own. I wonder if when the app updated it mixed up the router somehow and sonos is getting bumped off? Getting quite frustrated with the situation. Love my sonos speakers, but I’m starting to think about Bluetooth.
I am having the same issue. Wait times of over an hour every time I try to call for support. Have had numerous communications with Sonos via Twitter and I'm being sent in circles with no resolve.
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I am having the same issue. Wait times of over an hour every time I try to call for support. Have had numerous communications with Sonos via Twitter and I'm being sent in circles with no resolve.
Sorry for the delay, with the software update last week and the Beam launch this week, the team's been busy. They're working as hard as they can to get everyone helped, and all questions answered. They'll be with you as soon as possible.
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I am having the same issue. Wait times of over an hour every time I try to call for support. Have had numerous communications with Sonos via Twitter and I'm being sent in circles with no resolve.
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Super frustrating, right. I feel like no one at sonos is overly invested in trying to make this right.
I am having the same issue when the phone sleeps. I'm playing music physically downloaded on my phone and once the phone sleeps it will drop the connection. I noticed if I take off the auto-sleep and my phone stays awake the whole time it does not drop the connection, but that of course isn't feasible as it drains the battery. I have an iPhone 8. I'm hoping this is fixed soon as its extremely annoying. I assume this has something to do with the lock screen update and the loss of controls. The phone should be able to sleep and still play the sonos, as before.
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I agree. Not sure why they keep looking for problems beyond the app update, but then I’m not a tech person.
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Add me to the long list of users having the same problem.

Songs from my iPhone playlist skipping about ~2:00 mins in. Note: skipping does not happen when streaming music from Pandora.

I tested this with an iPhone 8 and SE and the result is...yes playlist songs will only skip when the auto-lock activates.

My setup: Playbar, two Play1s, Sonos sub

Used the same playlist throughout the test, router and sonos system are in the same room and one Play1 is connected to the router via ethernet.

My findings:
1. Playlist songs skipped when auto-lock was set at 1, 2 & 3 min and skipping happened at the set auto-lock time. After the first song skipped, other songs randomly skipped at different times during playback.

2. Checked the phones when the skip occurred and I got this message “cannot play “song name” because connection to your sonos system was lost” - notice that it does not say internet or wifi

3. Turned auto-lock off and kept the sonos app on iPhone screen and playlist did not skip a song (left my playlist on for 1 hour straight)

Seems to be an issue with the auto-lock and the sonos app. Can somebody from sonos recreate this test and fix the issue?
I’m having a similar issue. When I play music from my iPhone 8 to Sonos the music will eventually stop if the phone sleeps or if I exit the Sonos app - even if it’s still running in the background. I have read most of these posts and I can add that I have had this system for 3 months and it just started happening in the last few weeks. Sonos app is set to run in background and I have no battery saving features enable I am aware of. Why??? This is driving me nuts.
I'm also having the same issue.
Same issue. iPhone 8. Two Play:1 speakers. First Sonos product we’ve owned. Purchased two days ago...


SONOS TECH SUPPORT... You’re worthless so far. Get this resolved soon or I’m getting my $300+ back from Best Buy. At this point I’m ready to throw them in the trash but I don’t want to lose my money.
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Hi folks,

We're looking into this issue and will update the thread when we have more to share. For now you can still stream to your Sonos from your iOS device's storage if you disable auto-lock in the settings app under Display & Brightness. Also, disabling AirPlay on non-Sonos devices may do the trick.
Exact same issue for me, two evenings lost browsing forums and setting static IP addresses and no joy, but you set the autolock to never and the problem disappears. Please fix this!
And me! I seen on another thread it’s a known issue due to last update and they have contacted Apple but no resolution times. I don’t see what they don’t put out a statement to stop people wasting hours logging issues and looking for resolutions?
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You could upload 50K tracks of your own music to google play music for FREE, and stream from there. The phone can even leave the house and your music still plays. GPM also sycns with your iTunes library.
Could we please get an update on this issue. It is really making my SONOS unusable.
Hey SONOS, this isn’t ok. Support your legacy gear and customers. You’ve just told us that you’ve prioritized a new product launch over the thousands of dollars I’ve already sunk into your products. Fix this bug immediately or buy our gear back. Your “leave it unlocked” workaround is unacceptable by any security standard. If you aren’t going to support the iOS platform then make that clear. Please post the sprint this fix is in so we can decide whether or not to return our (currently) WORTHLESS SONOS EQUIPMENT.
Ok, I'll eat crow, and I hope this fix works for the rest of you: from the WiFi settings of your iWhatever, "Forget" the network, then re-join it. On one device I had to forget the network then bounce the iPad and then it worked.

I've done this on an iPhone and two iPads – all of which were giving me the same issue yesterday. I kicked off 3 separate albums from 3 separate devices on 3 separate Play:1 speakers, locked them, and walked away. Previous to this fix, the music would’ve stopped about a minute after the device was locked. At this point, they've all been playing uninterrupted for about 20 minutes and I’m feeling pretty optimistic that I’ll be able to listen to an entire evening of music with my phone in my pocket.

It looks like Sonos V.9 and iOS 11.4.1 were released at about the same time, and I definitely took both updates at the same time, so I may have conflated the two. I hadn’t had any issue with streaming or downloading on locked iOS devices and the only symptom of the bug (at least for me) was evidenced in Sonos playback. That said, Sonos is also the only non-native app I was using.

A couple other notes: Battery conservation mode was never part of the issue -- I don't use it, and confirmed I have that switched off. Also, I don't think that the devices were disconnecting from wifi when they were locked/sleeping because downloads didn't abort. Finally, AirPlay doesn't seem to have been in the mix either. Having it on doesn't break it, and disabling didn't fix it.
It seems this is a recurring problem despite being advised the issue was with my modem. Agree with previous comments - Sonos it’s time (past time) to fix this problem. Your gear is great, but no bloody good if it doesn’t work as advertised. Please get this sorted ASAP, because this has been a problem for about 2 - 3 months.
Can we please get an update on this? I'm also experiencing the same issue and have been patiently waiting for a resolution. It looks like the last Sonos staff update was 27 days ago - leaving auto lock off is not an option indefinitely, Sonos needs to find a fix to this or we're going to have to switch to a different system as the inability to play music makes this entirely unworkable.
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Hi everyone,

We've just released version 9.1 which has a few bug fixes, including one which should help with iOS device streaming issues. Please update your systems and test out iOS streaming. If any audio dropouts continue, please see our guide to troubleshooting audio drops and reach out if that doesn't help.
Hi Jeff, your update has not fixed the issue. I have this issue on all Iphone devices in the house, Iphone X, Iphone 8, Iphone 7. As soon I lock the screen of the phone, songs start to skip randomly. I cant get even one song to play fully. If I leave the phone unlocked there is no issue playing the songs.