Sonos updates failing due to FIngbox?

  • 9 December 2019
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Good morning all,

I have had the most frustrating experience trying to update two out of four Sonos speakers over the last two months and the solution discovered almost by accident points towards the Fingbox.

I have been unable to update a Play 3 and a Play 5 speaker for some time, they regularly failed with different error numbers every time that pointed me to a very generic and useless Sonos support page. I had tried everything suggested there: moving closer to the speaker, turning off all the other speakers, plugging it directly into the router etc. What was strange was that I couldn’t even submit diagnostics to Sonos either as that failed as well. So, I then disabled and then physically removed the pi-hole I have installed on the network as I thought this might be blocking something but again, this did not help at all. Days had turned into weeks, which had turned into months and I had still no progress.

So, a final attempt last night before telephoning Sonos this morning yielded a significant surprise. I had surrendered to the idea of powering up the Linux box and using wireshark to try and diagnose what was happening when I hit upon the idea of using the network analyser of the FingBox to see if the speakers were at least communicating and downloading the firmware updates. To my surprise, once I had started the analysis going one speaker immediately managed to submit diagnostics and then downloaded the firmware and updated without a hitch. I couldn’t believe that this could fix the problem, and so I set about trying to recreate this with the final non-updated speaker.

The result was surprising, without network analyser on it would not update nor submit diagnostics. However, the minute I was using the Fing Network Analyser it worked straightaway by downloading the firmware which demonstrates this was repeatable.

I wondered if anyone has had experienced something like this, or any idea why this might be the way it is?

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