Sonos Update + Eero Router = Bit Problems

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I have been trying to update my Sonos System with the new update without any success.  Here are some of my system details:

  1. Eero Router System (Eero Pro, 2 Eero Beacons, 1 Eero 6) Ver: eeroOS6.40
  2. Sonos System
    1. Sonos One SL and Sonos One (Bedroom)
    2. Sonos Five
    3. Sonos One (Pair), Sonos Arc & Sonos Sub (Living Room)
    4. Sonos Move
    5. Sonos Roam (Pair)
    6. Current Version 13.2 Build 64319090 on Speakers
    7. Sonos S2 App (On Android) Version 13.3 Build 65121040

The system had been running just fine until the newest update became available, and the update failed and the problems have been increasing.

In the S2 App, all of the speakers are shown.  The Sonos One and the Sonos One SL (Bedroom) have a wrench and it says too issues.  This is recent… until today, there were no flags in the app.

On the Eero network, not all of the speakers show online.  The Sonos Arc and the two Sonos One’s that are part of the Living Room group show offline.  All other speakers show online.

The living room sonos speakers work just fine with the TV.

The bedroom group with the Sonos SL and the Sonos One will play music by using voice commands through google,  but the music only comes out of one of the One SL.  Again, this is recent.

I have been searching the forum, but have not seen anything with these issues.

I did try hooking one of the Sonos One’s (Bedroom Group) straight to the router, but the update failed.  I have also unplugged the Sonos One’s that show offline in Living Room Group, but none of that works.

I have submitted a diagnostics report through the App tonight and that reference is 1356659809

Any help or direction is appreciated… I have not contacted support yet.  Again, all the speaker in the group Living Room work with the TV.  I can use the Five, the Roams and the Move through the app… the Bedroom only works with Google Commands and the Living Room only with the TV.


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As a Sonos update normally reboots the device, can you check my post: Tips & Tricks - Resolving random issues impacting Sonos devices.. | Sonos Community


Is there a main router, to which the primary Eero connects?

If so, is the WiFi on the main router still active? 

If so, which WiFi does the Sonos connect to: the Eero’s or the router’s?

Is the Eero configured in bridge mode?

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The main Eero Router is wired directly to the ISP modem...the Eero Pro is main router and the other Eero's create the mesh.

I think that answers your question...not in  Bridge mode since that  would require another router.  

What has me puzzled is that the Eero network shows some speakers offline...but the work outside the Sonos App.. like the Arc, the Sub and the pair of Sonos Ones that are grouped to TV

A home theatre setup -- Arc plus satellites -- will continue to work for TV audio pretty much regardless. The satellites are talking directly to the Arc.

I don’t know Eero in detail, but could it simply be reporting that the satellites are no longer directly connected to it? They’d do so temporarily at boot time, but then subsequently get moved to the Arc’s own wireless signal.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "satellites"..unless you are referring to Sonos speakers that make up surround system.  My main internet is fiber optic to my modem...and Eero pro is connected to modem and the other Eero Beacons connect wi-fi to Pro to create the mesh system.

The Sonos Room "Living Room" has 4 sonos speakers, the Arc, sub and two Sonos Ones that were paired. 

satellites = Eero beacons.

satellites = Eero beacons.

In this context ‘satellites’ are home theatre satellites: surrounds and/or Sub.

Should have gone back and read the original post you made, apologies. Made an incorrect assumption. 

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The good news is my system finally got updated...the bad news is I'm not sure why! It just seemed to fix itself 

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Have you read the Eero notes at