Sonos Unusable from 2.4Ghz Saturation

  • 21 July 2018
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Hi there,

I'm looking for help regarding my new Sonos One setup and the inconsistent and unreliable connection that I'm experiencing.

As I understand, the Sonos One can only connect wirelessly to my router and home wifi network via 802.11b/g protocol on the 2.4Ghz band. Through troubleshooting my wireless network over the last several days, I get inconsistent down and up speeds via this 2.4Ghz band, presumably through oversaturation in my neighborhood. I have reset my router, flashed the firmware, analyzed and changed the broadcast channels, all to no avail, and experience no speed issues with my devices on the 5Ghz band.

Long story short, it's frustrating to 1) have my Sonos One not be able connect consistently to the internet and my iPhone controller and 2) also have incredibly inconsistent and slow speeds via wifi on my iPhone. I understand that my frustrations are not related to my Sonos One.

My questions:
- Has anyone else experienced saturated 2.4Ghz bands / wifi networks and its impact on your controller and Sonos players? What have you done to permanently resolve this, if you have?
- Would I be able to resolve my challenges using a Sonos Bridge? I can find them relatively cheaply via eBay. I'd rather not shell out $$$ for the Boost with only a single Sonos player.
- Any other general commentary or potential solutions here would be welcome. I would rather not hardwire my Sonos One via ethernet into my router.

If there aren't any realistic or feasible solutions, I feel like I would have to strongly consider returning my Sonos One. It's not due to Sonos, but it's incredibly frustrating when my iPhone has such slow speeds on the 2.4Ghz band, only to support the Sonos connection, when I have no issues with speeds on the 5Ghz band my router also broadcasts.

Thanks in advance for any information you can share!

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5 replies

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First thing to consider is wiring the Sonos:1 to your router if you can. If you can't so that then a Bridge may help but if your wireless environment is very congested interference may always be an issue. You could try a Boost purchased from Sonos and return if it doesn't improve your experience
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I'd agree with Stuart_W that the older Bridge might not be the best choice, go with the Boost if you go that way. Another option that is nearly as good as the Boost is adding another speaker that can be wired to your router if your existing one is not in a location that supports that option.

From Sonos is the safest option but if you are shopping used make sure that the one you pick supports SonosNet 2.0. Can't find much on the 1.0 vs 2.0 SonosNet differences but a snip from ratty: "At a physical level SonosNet 2.0 is based on N hardware, including MIMO."

I had 2.4 noise issues but they were self inflicted, not from other folk's WiFi and I moved channels to the lowest noise one and relocated a couple noisy devices (one didn't even have a raido, just crappy design) a meter or two away from my Access point. I did add a Boost but it makes very little difference in signal levels when compared to a wired Sonos in the same location. When checking for noise and congestion on 2.4 GHz be sure to use a tool that only considers sources broadcasting an SSID or having valid WiFi packets, they won't find a lot of potential problems.

I'm clueless about iphone issues so I can't help there but my Android devices are more than happy to control my wired and 2.4 GHz Sonos devices when they are connected to the 5 GHz band on my AP, not directly to SonosNet. You might look into your router and see if it is blocking things passing between the two bands.
Thanks for the comments so far.


With regard to your last comment, do you mean that if my controller / iPhone is connected to the same access point / router but on 5Ghz band, I should still be able to control content on my Sonos? I.e. can I control my Sonos speaker from my iPhone controller if it’s not on the same SSID / network but connected to the same access point?
Confirmed that a controller on different SSID broadcast and band still works. Thanks.
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As long as the WiFi you connect the controller to has full access (no firewall blocking) to the network your Sonos is connected to it should work. Where the problems start is if a firewall is blocking broadcasts or other needed packets.

Now that that is working you can submit a diagnostic to Sonos and ask them to look at your WiFi situation, post it here or try Twitter for faster response or the phones come Monday but be prepared to hold for a while due to the new Beam and firmware updates swamping the tech a bit.