Sonos turns up volume by itself

  • 28 January 2020
  • 3 replies

Today my Sonos system turned up the volume by itself while 5 speakers was attached. I have a Sonos SL attached to LAN and WIFI turned OFF using SONOSNET. 


I was using Spotify Connect and having the Sonos app open. Suddenly it started to turn up the volume gradually to max.


I submitted diagnostic 2120365732 right after the event.


This is really concerning :-( what is happening? How can I avoid this in the future?

3 replies

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Upgrade your Spotify app, this was a bug they fixed a while ago according to other posts here.

Just happened for me again. Diagnostics 




Had to turn off by power plug to avoid ear damage. 


Again happened while using both Spotify and Sonos to control the music. Then after opening Spotify it kept turning up. 

I'm guessing Spotify tries to sync volume if it's changed in Sonos. Which triggers a volume up that Sonos app receives which turns up which Spotify receives etc..

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Can you please check the App store and confirm both Spotify app and Sonos app are currently up to date? After that, I’d like you to reboot all of your Sonos devices as well as your WiFi router, give it a minute and wait for everything to come back online and let us know if the issue continues.