Sonos through Control4, playing Pandora

  • 27 November 2017
  • 7 replies

Hey guys! After the last Sonos update, my Control4 system is unable to play Pandora, through Control4. I receive the message, "Service Missing" "This music service is not set up in Sonos yet. Please configure it in a Sonos controller first"

I've let my dealer know and we've tracked to to have occurred after the latest update (8.2.1). I've clearly set-up the service in Sonos and my account is not the issue. I'm able to play Pandora through Sonos directly, but now Control4/Sonos/Pandora are no longer playing nicely together.

Simply sharing so that this can be addressed but certainly welcome any insight. Thanks! -Doug

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7 replies

Doug, glad I am not the Lone Ranger. I have the exact same issue. After update, I get the Control4 message that I need to install Pandora in a Sonos controller. I can access and play Pandora from the Sonos app, but it is very clunky to go back into Control4 to get the rooms set up. Would love to see who else has this and if there is a fix coming.
Same thing for me... 😞 What a pain in the butt! Tried resetting systems, transferring the Sonos account to a new accout, and re-establishing my C4 connection. Nothing worked. Need an update to fix this!!
Same here. Glad (kind of...) others are equally tortured. So is this a Sonos or Control 4 hiccup? Who can I torture to fix this?
Hey all - I was able to resolve this issue with my C4 rep. On the back-end he was able to re-connect Pandora for direct access via C4 without having to go through Sonos (2 apps) to make it work. I am back up and accessing Pandora directly. He did it remotely. I'd reach out to your reps and just have them re-add it. Working fine now.
I have the same issue. Very frustrated. Can anyone give me specifics so I can tell my dealer exactly what needs to be done?
According to my dealer, he just needed to re-connect or re-add Pandora to Control4. Something in the update tripped it, but mine is working again after he reconnected the service.
Sonos discontinued the coding to allow Control4 and any other 3rd party control system directly access the music services within Sonos. Since the update only Sonos Favorites can be selected from 3rd party control systems such as Control4 and Savant. Sonos now has only a "Endorsed" driver that all Control4 systems have to be updated in order to keep utilizing Sonos for audio. So yes, Sonos broke many systems upon the push of this update. If you want direct access to music services such as Pandora and Napster through Control4, the best method is to use these services directly from the Control4 controllers and input into a line-in source for each Sonos player. It can be very simple, or very complicated depending on your audio system wiring and setup. We lucked out with a few of our clients that we used vacant audio outputs from our main Control4 controllers. Sonos put a ton of limitations on systems like Control4, but can still work around it.
I am a Control4 & Savant Systems dealer and integrator so we're seeing A LOT of this. I hope everyone can get their systems resolved without too much headache.