Sonos System Sometimes Doesn't Work

  • 15 October 2017
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When I want to listen to some music, I'm never sure if Sonos will work or not. Sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it does. When it does, I know it's just a matter of time before it's going to cut out again. Sometimes it comes right back (but not on the song I was listening to), sometimes it's hours before it will work again. I can never know.

I of course tried all the basic FAQ stuff. Even did a cold reboot, in case there was an IP issue (spoiler, there isn't). It makes no difference whether the connection is wireless or through and ethernet cable, the system is not found when it doesn't want to be it seems (I can find my cat more often).

I don't use a booster, and all the wires are working right. Speakers have solid white lights.

I tried to create a new system, but it won't do it, because I already have a system set up (never get a flashing green light).

I've tried everything I can think of, save a factory reset, which I'd really rather not have to do.

Once when I got the system going I got a diagnostic (normally this totally fails). This is the confirmation # 7957117 in case anybody working for Sonos is paying attention.

This is really frustrating, because one day it worked, and now it doesn't. What's the deal Sonos?

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1 reply

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zee22: Thanks for the diagnostic report and for your efforts in troubleshooting thus far. Have you since been able to get Sonos working reliably? In the diagnostic report you sent in, I can only see one unit that is not wired to your network. You previously said the wires are working right, what devices are plugged into the network? Would you mind telling us about your local network in detail? What is the make and model of the router you are using? Do you use any switches in your setup?

Much appreciated.