Sonos system cutting out

  • 27 May 2020
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I have an issue with playback skipping and cutting out on some speakers.  I have been having this issue for a month or so.  I really only notice it with Spotify.  To be fair though, I use spotify the most.  It usually happens at the beginning of a song.  Some speakers will play and others will cut out.  Some will jump in and out.  After 10-20 seconds, it seems to get itself under control.


I have 7 total speakers - Gen 2 Play 5, 2 Sonos One, Play:1, 3 Play:3.  All are running with a boost.  


About a month ago, I switched to the boost from a bridge.  I upgraded from a Gen 1 Play:5 to the Gen 2 and added 2 Play:3s (removed a Connect).  Everything was great before I made these changes.  Everything is updated.


Last night I finally got around to going through the process of unplugging my router, modem and all sonos units (including boost).  When I started everything back up again, I confirmed that all units had their own IP address.  I thought it was good until this morning.


I am skeptical about this being a wireless issue, as this morning it cut out on the Sonos One that is on the same desk as the router and the boost.


I submitted data with confirmation code - 37073158


Hopefully, I got to it in time to capture the issue.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

8 replies

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Hi @wdroddy. I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Sonos system. I took a look at your diagnostic, and I am seeing some interference here. Interference can be caused my many things. I recommend you take a look at our page on reducing wireless interference for more information. 

It is also possible that we are not getting enough bandwidth to continue playback. Would you mind running a speed test, and providing the results in your reply? 

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@Richard F.  Thank you for your reply.  I am still having issues.  I have changed the SonosNet Channel and have had no luck on any of them.  I also changed my 2.4Ghz channel to try to avoid interference.  I went so far as to download a wifi analyzer app on my phone.  I put the SonosNet channel on the highest rated channel to try to eliminate any issues.  


I ran a speedtest.  I have a ing time of 8ms with d/l of 116.7 Mbps and u/l of 3.25Mbps.


As I said, these issues started about a month ago when I made some changes to the system including changing from a Sonos Bridge to a Boost.  I no longer have the bridge, so I wasn’t able to see if that would help.  However, I do now plug the boost into a network switch.  To eliminate that as an issue, I plugged it directly into the router with a new network cable.  This didn’t help…  I purchased the Boost used.  Could something be wrong with it?


I had also recently added an additional smart home hub (lutron) to my setup.  I unplugged this to be sure it was not the culprit.


I submitted new diagnostics.  I played a radio station from IHeart Radio with no issues.  I streamed from my Ipad through airplay with no issues.  I played songs through spotify and again experienced issues.  The diagnostic report is 1875462196.


I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


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I do not see any issues with your Boost. I am seeing a few instances of it losing connection, which could be caused by a faulty Ethernet cable. Are you using the cable that came with your Boost, or the one that the Bridge was using? 

Are you able to exchange the cable for another one?

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@Richard F.   Thank you for your continued efforts to resolve this.  As mentioned in my previous message, I had tried a new ethernet cable.  I currently have the boost connected directly to my router via a new ethernet cable.  I am still having issues.  Here are diagnostics from this morning.


Diagnostics - 1857394907

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Strange, I am still seeing some issues with the Ethernet connection. Would you mind trying the other Ethernet port on your Boost if you haven't already? 

Also, are you using the flat Ethernet cable that came with your Sonos products, or are you using a standard rounded Ethernet cable? 

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@Richard F. Its definitely strange!  I switched the ports on the Boost.  Still have the same issue.  It is currently connected via a rounded ethernet cable.  I just took it out of the package.  To clarify, the issue is that the stream cuts out on some speakers.  It will almost always begin to play on a few and then pop back in on the rest.  Others will cut out and join back in after a few seconds.  Thanks again for your continued efforts.  


New diagnostics - 2105931015


FYI, my technical knowledge is pretty good.  If you need me to mess with router settings or something else, please don’t hesitate to provide the suggestion.  I really want to solve this issue.

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Thank you. As a next step, I would like to have you change the wireless channel that Sonos is currently using. In order to do this, please take a look at our article on changing the wireless channel.

Your system is currently operating on channel 11. Please switch it to either channel 1, or 6. Once you have changed it, please test the audio. What happens?

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@Richard F. I switched the SonosNet to channel 6.  Same problems…  My 2.4ghz wifi is currently on channel 1.  Not sure if they use the same frequency on the channels they use.  


New Diagnostics - 1688272984