Sonos System Cutting in and out

  • 21 May 2017
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I've been experiencing issues with my system cutting in and out everyday. My playbar will do it on all sources including netflix. my subwoofer and my surround play 3's will do the same together as well on same sources. Its annoying and ive tried everything i can think of. My playbar is hard wired to my router, and ive replaced my router thinking it was the issue but still the same. ive replaced optical cable and ethernet cables, can anyone help please thanks.

Diagnostic# 7418959

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4 replies

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Hi BennyG, welcome to the community. You have a very high amount of interference in the 5GHz band around the PLAYBAR surround setup, which is going to have a strong negative effect on the playback from the surround speakers. There's also some odd messages relating to the incoming audio stream coming into the PLAYBAR which might indicate an issue with the TV or whatever device you have connected to it. Let's deal with the 5GHz interference first as this is going to be the most serious. It looks like there's 3 different 5GHz networks generated by Netgear devices close by. I would advise disabling the 5GHz on your Netgear router and any extra extenders or access points you might use. Please send us a new diagnostic after making those changes and we can see if the interference has reduced.

It would also be very helpful for us to know the make and model of your TV and another set-top boxes you might use, to investigate those messages on the TOSlink stream.
I have an orbi router and an orbi satellite in the home which is where youre probably getting the multiple 5ghz networks. LG 65EF9500 oled tv and Directv HR24-100. Would getting a Sonos boost solve my problem??. I will make the appropriate changes and get back to you when they've been made. Thank you.
Okay i made some adjustments to my 5Ghz network, here is my new diagnostic number 7430033. please let me know if these changes helped thank you.
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Hi BennyG,

Thank you for the additional diagnostic. Since you have the PLAYBAR wired to the network you do not need a BOOST. It looks like your wireless is doing better but we are also curious if this issue happens with only TV audio sources or also streaming music services like Pandora?