Sonos Sub not playing music

Hello Sonos support, I have a Sonos Sub, recently it's connecting to my system but there is no sound coming out of the actual Sub speaker. I have successfully re linked it to my play 5 both wireless and wired but there is no sound coming out of the actual Sub speaker. I have also successfully re linked it to my connect amp both wireless and wired but there is no sound coming out of the actual Sub speaker. What are the next steps I can take to diagnose the problem?

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Hello @GPSIG. Welcome to the Community, and thank you for submitting that diagnostic. It looks like the SUB is getting blocked from reaching your Playbase. Which is why it is not playing any audio. 

How far is your SUB from the Playbase? 

Please disconnect the Ethernet cable from your SUB. This should force the SUB to communicate through the wireless network to communicate to your Playbase, bypassing the blocked Ethernet connection. 

Hello Richard, the Sub is 3.7 meters from the Playbase and next to a One surround that is working perfectly.  I disconnected the Ethernet cable and re-paired with the system and that worked fine (it shows as connected) but still no audio.  The system knows there is a Sub connected because when I toggle the Sub off for the room via the app the surrounds put out bass again.  Toggle it on (even though the Sub puts out no sound) and the surrounds drop the bass.  I sent a new diagnostic, 36977557.  Also, my router app (Velop Tri-band) shows all of the Sonos system elements present on the network, including the Sub.  Sonos app also shows Sub as part of the system.

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Thank you for confirming that information. It does appear that something could be awry with the SUB in this diagnostic. I am going to send you a private message so I can gather a bit more information from you.

I'm having the same issue with the Sonos SUB, Im suspecting this is a firmware issue or sort kind of, I take off the sub and add it into another Sonos system ( other house) and still the same situation, so the WIFI TROUBLESHOOTING SCENARIO IS NOT THE ISSUE, even if I connect a direct cable from the bar to the sub doesn't work.

very disappointed that this issue is happening to a lot of people for years and no one is able to identify this issue. probably forcing the amp to take the firmware again will fix this issue

Have you tried to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it? There’s a limit to how much can be done via a text conversation, allowing Sonos direct access to your system while on a phone call with them certainly might help. 

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7.

Yes i spend  like 2 hours on the phone with support we try everything and still the same issue, i bring the sub to my house to continue troubleshooting and nothing.

they said that the unit is defective, which after reading all these posts I realize seem to be something firmware related from my experience in electronics.

they should have a way to upgrade or push the firmware to fix this

I have the same problem, spend all day trying every trick in the book and no luck. I just bought it in December so I guess I just return it to Costco.

Good luck , I spend another 2 hrs with support changing everything they have on their guide, finally the guy escalated the case to Tier 2 that was around 3:00 pm , im still waiting for them to contact me.

again im believe this is a firmware issue, they don't want to listen obviously.

frustrating situation !!!