Sonos stops playing when phone connects to bluetooth

Hi, hope you can help. I found an old topic regarding this where you state that the phone is a remote and shouldn't affect the playing, but.

If I get in to my car and the phone connects to the car hifi music stops. Playing any source.

Next, working from home phone calls I connect my Jabra 75t earbuds the music stops.

I can just start again but a bit anoing.

This also happens when in my sommerhouse, on different internet an separate move.

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On Bluetooth you aren't using the Sonos system and its app at all. The app is a remote control (not the phone) but you aren't using it.

The rules of Bluetooth apply. Phone calls stop the audio. It's in the DNA of Bluetooth and totally outside Sonos' control. 

Note also: if you were looking at an old topic it was probably before Sonos even made a Bluetooth compatible device. 

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If you have a widget/lock screen control or similar that connects to Sonos, or if using Spotify Direct, there could be an interaction between those (pretending to be a real music player) and the AVRCP control. If the phone thinks Sonos is an actual music player then this behavior would make sense: it thinks you are switching from the fake-music-player to the one in your car, so it pauses the fake-music-player which is linked to your Sonos.


I am using AVRCP 1.6, and usb debugging when connecting the car can be the cause. I will try to disable and test again. Thanks for the input.