Sonos stops playing after 1 song

  • 1 September 2017
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Sonos stops playing after one song even though there are many songs in the playlist.

34 replies

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Hello, dfyoung, thanks for posting to the Sonos Community. We'd like to check it out by taking a closer look at your Sonos system. Please send a diagnostic our way and reply back with the number. Steps here:
I just updated my Sonos today and added my Alexa Dots. When using the Alexa voice command to play music and even Pandora stations it plays one song and stops as well
Mine also. It is really frustrating.
Me too...I will do the diagnostic above.
If you start the station or playlist through Sonos app, mine plays all without issue. It must be the way Alexa app interacts with Sonos. was fine by the way. This morning, I have to play the Amazon station through Sonos app.
After 10 minutes, my Sonos stops playing my music library. I haver changed my wireless channels multiple times with no luck. My diagnostic # is 8162120
Same. Diagnostic #8193275. Anything that is initiated with Alexa stops after one song. Then, you get this error (attached). I deleted the Alexa app on my I need that installed to have Alexa work on the Sonos One?!?
Same problem across all my devices except for a single Play 1 in the study which seems to work. Diagnostics #8199705
Same problem. Only started happening after latest update. Very frustrating. Sometimes it gets through 1 song, sometimes 4 songs. But it stops and it sucks.
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Hello, all. Thanks for raising these issues with us. We have an article that describes how to combat WiFi interference. I have looked at the diagnostics posted here and the common factor is issues with WiFi communication. Would you all be so kind as to review that article and report back with any changes made to your respective systems, including a diagnostic confirmation number? Many thanks in advance.
I'm experiencing this issue with Pandora, every time when initiating playback through Alexa. It does not occur when playing from the local music library using the Sonos app on my Mac. If interference was the problem, then it wouldn't happen every time with Pandora through Alexa, nor would it NOT happen at all when playing my local library. Please fix this problem, Sonos! Diagnostics no.: 8449376.
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Hi, PaulJW. With contrition, I have to state that there is WiFi interference on your system too. Your players are losing connection with your network periodically. There could be an issue external to this but we cannot address it without eliminating the interference first. Could you please have a look at that article above? In addition, you are using multiple access points that appear to be competing with one-another for connectivity with your Sonos system. Can you leave only one active, and then test this again? Many thanks.
Paul I’m having the same problem and to blame it on interference is really driving me nuts! Connection issue only at the end of EVERY song?! This issue might cause a divorce!!!

Edward I can’t go throwing away all the other products in my house! Please get Sonos to develop the software patch!

Thanks for any help!
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Hi, dannerb06. I responded to you in the other thread. There isn't a patch that can resolve interference issues, which is exactly what you're encountering. WiFi interference is the cause of the vast majority of issues present on Sonos systems. They can absolutely be frustrating but we always get to the bottom of it. Please keep me posted as to how you get on.
8466156 ok so I threw out my printer cause I don’t need to print from Wifi in this house... what should I throw out next to enjoy Alexa on sonos? Or how about to play an album from sonos app...
When playing from Alexa she can pick a bad song and I’ll ask her to skip, play next song etc, she just has no idea what I mean and goes on playing the same crappy song until the end.. and quits despite her earlier claim to have opened a playlist
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Thanks for getting back to me. I can still see the printer showing up in the network scan. Something is not quite right here. I think at this stage it would be best to get in touch with one of our support agents directly. This way they can do a proper network analysis with you.
I am having the same issues not having any amazon things connected. happens when using pandora. I have two diagnostics codes 8477904 and 8477906

The problem with my system seems to have resolved itself. I did not undertake to disconnect every wifi device as Edward R suggested, notwithstanding the wifi interference Edward R sees in my diagnostics report. Apparently Sonos was having an issue with Pandora which has been resolved as mentioned by Keith here:

I hope the issues experienced by others in this thread have resolved as well.
Mine too. It will either stop playing the playlist, or cut a song short then play the next song. This morning it is the latter issue, i.e., during playing a shuffled playlist on my phone, it is stopping in the middle of a song, pausing for long time before finally playing the next song.

I've also had a related issue happen during podcast playback. It stops playing in the middle of the podcast. This has happened repeatedly over past several months. I have updated to the latest version of all software.

diagnostic conf number : 349169031

Hello, dfyoung, thanks for posting to the Sonos Community. We'd like to check it out by taking a closer look at your Sonos system. Please send a diagnostic our way and reply back with the number. Steps here:
My issue is when I call out Alexa/use Alexa app and it only plays 1 on a playlist. Compatibility issue with Sonos? No issues if I play from the Sonos app.
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Reviving an old, yet ongoing issue, thread. "Alexa, play top songs, playlist, etc..." and stops after 1 song. I saw a few disable, remove, reboot yada yada temp fixes but those didn't work. I also located a possible fix is to remove a user form the amazon household settings in the Alexa app but that seems to be impractical for what the shared household is for. Can this be resolved any other way? Airplay2 works great with my iTunes and has been my go to lately using Siri.
I seem to have a similar problem. Direct play from a Google Play Music playlist quits after the first song. It doesn't matter where in the playlist I start it always stops after 1 song. If I play Tune in Radio from the sonos app no problems - continuously plays. While i have been told network interference is the problem I find it hard to believe interference always pops up after 1 song and not while using Tune in Radio.
I have the same issue across different music services, I don't believe it's Spotify's fault. Tried everything instructed by Sonos: change Wifi channel, connect via Ethernet, it won't change anything. This is so frustrating. The issue is definitely with Spotify services, hardware and or software. Our HomePods work perfectly fine, despite being surrounded by the same exact Wifi interferences. Sonos, you literally have one job: play music, endlessly. Fix this. Thanks.
I've responded to your same post in the other thread.