Sonos starts up automatically every morning at 8:00 and VERY loudly but no alarm is visible

  • 26 January 2017
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Sonos starts automatically every morning at 8:00 (VERY loudly) but no alarms have been set. We've tolerated it since our contractor/installer skipped town but when we have guests (sleep above), it's awful 😞. I've checked all setting via the app but I can find anything that shows this has been pre-set. I tried unplugging/plugging entire system but no change. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. KMK

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8 replies

Next time it happens, immediately submit a diagnostic and post the reference number here.
I'm looking to see how to do that?
Found it!
What source of music does it play when it comes on, e.g. radio, NAS etc? How many speakers are involved and are they grouped?
Currently plays Pandora. 5 speakers in family room, 2 in kitchen and they are grouped, respectively. Originally played a radio station but after I unplugged/plugged Sonos in basement, it now plays whatever the last thing we were listening to...
Submitted Diagnostic Report 7041361. We have an RT1 system, if that helps at all (we hate it 😉.
Thank you!
It is probably easiest to wait for feedback on the diagnostic. If you want to do a bit of digging yourself you could do the following experiment.

1. Temporarily ungroup your speakers.
2.. When the music comes on at 8am, identify any speaker affected and go into About my Sonos System on your controller and note the IP address of that speaker.
3. Go into a web browser and type the following, substituting the IP address for the hashes:

This will give clues as to what triggered the speaker to start playing. If you cannot make sense of the log, post a screenshot
THANK YOU! I will def give that a go...