Sonos speakers using data even when not streaming

  • 30 January 2017
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I've noticed since the most recent update, that my sonos devices are using data on my wifi network even when I'm not streaming on any of the devices and none of them are paused/muted either.

All my sonos devices are connected to wifi none are wired, and all have been rebooted before measuring the data use.

I have attached a screenshot of the shown data usage (from UniFi Controller) of the individual devices in the space of a 15hr period

Can you please enlighten me as to why there is almost 160MB data between the 4 devices in under 24hrs

Best answer by ratty 30 January 2017, 10:32

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4 replies

They chat to one another. From time to time they phone home to Sonos, especially if Usage Data is left enabled. 30MB over 16hrs equates to an average bandwidth of around 4kbps, which is insignificant.
Hi ratty, thanks for that info. I was aware of their talky talky, but I still thought that the amount they were using was a little high just for them to be saying essentially "i'm here" to each other, and I do have 'usage data sharing' unchecked in the sonos controller. And just to your point of being insignificant, unfortunately when you have crappy net like i do you try to account for every bit :)

I will monitor it further, is there anyone else out there who can give me greater details on what is acceptable data between devices/phoning home in say a 24hr period??
Also be sure you are you aren't misled by this:
I suspect that the smaller unit is the use you are seeing.
Appreciate the information Kumar, I may have misread the 4kilobits/sec of ratty's post now thinking of it. Doesn't seem to high now looking at that, seems I may have been way to pedantic. :D

Thanks to all who replied.