Sonos - speakers dropping out / system not found /

  • 3 October 2017
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I give up... have had this issue going on with 2 different network providers now. I have tried to switch off speakers (2 x Play:5 and a Play:1) and the network - does not help.
My Sonos speakers drop out suddenly and sometimes the system can not be discovered at all?! I work from my home office frequently and I am connected via VPN to work... maybe this is the issue.

Diagnostic has been sent: 7907859

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1 reply

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naygk: Thanks for reaching out. If you do not use the VPN connection, does Sonos work as intended? VPN's can create some problems for Sonos but it depends on how it's being used. If the issue persists when not connecting through VPN, then we need to take a closer look at your local network to see where the disconnect is. Let me know what happens and we'll move forward from there.