Sonos Speakers cutting even when using Boost Hub

  • 22 September 2019
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My Sonos speakers are cutting out frequently, and I am using a Sonos Boost Hub as well. I made sure all the speakers are on the Boost network as well. In the settings, all speakers are on WM:0, and I have tried the different channels on the SonosNet channel as well with the same issues.

All the speakers are on different IP Addresses as well as no duplicates.

My WiFi router is reliable, and I have 1GB speed coming into the house, not sure if that even makes a difference.

I have noticed most of the dropouts when I am using Spotify, but I have not run enough test to make the determination it is the Spotify app.

I am streaming Pandora at the moment, and I have not noticed any dropouts yet.

Is there some other fail-safe or other settings I should do within my router and all the devices IP addresses?

I have eleven speakers connected to the Sonos Network.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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1 reply

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Look at your network matrix and see if it is showing any issues, replace my IP here with yours: Post a legible copy here if you want us to help you interpret it.

You could submit a diagnostic within a few minutes of seeing a drop and contact Sonos support about it. They have 24x7 options on the contact page or you can call them Monday. You could also post the number here and if it is noticed the Sonos folks that drop in will look at it.