Sonos speaker won't connect

My sonos speaker lost its connection to the network and it won't reconnect. Please help.

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Please describe your system
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Hello John,

Please go through the following troubleshooting guide to get your unit connected again. 

Other quick troubleshoots you could try would be to: 
Reboot your router. Unplug your router from power for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in to power. Wait for the network to come back up. Then test the connection again. 

Please submit a diagnostic if you are still experiencing the issue and I'll be happy to take a look. Please reply back with your number here. 
the link is no longer working
troubleshooting guide
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Hi and welcome to the community, Mike. Correct, we have replaced that article with this one. Are you having a problem that we might be able to assist you with?
Thanks for your reply I appreciate your online FAQ and user group. A bit frustrated that I talk my girlfriend into spending over $1,200 on speakers and I've had to do this fixed more than once she's not very happy with the purchase I wish we could get some stability with the high cost of the beautiful sound...
I have the system myself and it works good most of the time. Hopefully it won't be a recurring problem and it might be the router. Are you guys going to make something inexpensive so that we can add our existing speakers cheaply like the Google solution for $35 I wanted to buy your solution to add an existing Bose speaker but it was over $300
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Hi, Mike. If there are concerns as to the reliability of the system, we can always provide some troubleshooting advice. Not every system is perfect right off the bat as there are many other factors to take into account, it sometimes takes some further configuration of your other devices within the household. Don't worry, there is no issue that cannot be tamed. As for your second question, no, at the moment there are no plans to introduce a cheaper alternative to the Sonos CONNECT. If there is anything to share we will notify our customers. Let us know if you have any further questions.
Thanks. It's working now.
Got connected to NBN today (QLD, Aust). Sonos no longer working, so thought to just reset it. Will not connect, either wirelessly or with ether cable, though initially it did detect the Sonos in the room, after I reset to factory settings. Did this so I could at least reload the whole thing, but this doesn't work either. Internet is good on all other devices... laptops, tablet, phones, just Sonos won't come at it. Have seen on the help videos to just change the wifi settings through the Sonos app. I'm not able to access any of the settings, just the 'more options' at the bottom of the 'lost connection' message. Can anyone help... not so good at these techy things. Have another Play 1 I'll tackle tomorrow, haven't touched it at all yet.
Thanks so much for any help!
One of my Sonos 5 Gen 2 speakers stopped working today and disappeared off the room list altogether. Tried re-booting the router but still nothing. The other two speakers that I have continue to work just fine. So hardwired it to the router and suddenly it appears on the room list again and starts to work. Looking at the various logs it seems that a number of others have a similar issue. I disconnected the network plug from the back and it disappeared once again from the room list and stopped playing. I suspect its something to do with the WIFI card internally. I have contacted Sonos via e-mail but have yet to hear from them
A quick update: I contacted Sonos directly with the failure mode. The requested that I carry out a diagnostic on the failed unit using the Sonos App. It was a very simple process and they guided me though it. I received an e-mail back less than 24 hours later confirming that there was a hardware issue with the speaker and they have agreed to replace it. Further update when I receive the replacement