Sonos sound cutting out

  • 24 April 2018
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I have a playbar, 2x play:1 and sub in 5.1 configuration.
Ocassionally the sound will start cutting - it only lasts for like a split second before it comes back but its annoying when suddenly all the sound is gone and then comes back - when it does this it will keep cutting out every few seconds and lasts for several minutes at a time

What causes this and how do I fix it? Should I return it to the store for a refund?


27 replies

It might be an issue with an incompatibility with some Samsung televisions.

I get constant audio dropouts while watching television over a wired connection (NO DROPOUTS during music playback over WIFi), not experiencing any wireless interference, and a working optical cable.

I've sent over MANY diagnostics, and had several troubleshooting sessions with various helpful Customer Service reps, with no solution. The last person told me they are having an ongoing problem with Samsung models, and Sonos is creating a case file.

Sadly, this helps me in NO WAY AT ALL except to perhaps diagnose the problem. Now, I own a $700 terrible piece of audio equipment.


Hello, I don’t know if this is the same issue everyone is having. But my system’s  sound kept cutting out while listening to music for a few seconds and coming back on. I have a playbar, two play 5 (2nd Gen) and a sub. I had the playbar connected to my sony Bravia TV (not even year old) via digital sound cable. Found out while the tv was off/stand by mode, it was sending a signal to the playbar, intermittently making the music to cut out. I disconnected the tv from the playbar and that solved the issue. After being told by sonos that I had a wifi conflict issue. Did all the disconnects, restarts, reset the entire system etc. very time consuming to say the least… none of that helped. I solved the issue myself..  Hopefully this will help someone out there having the same issue as me.