Sonos skipping tracks

Our Sonos has been playing up badly lately, skipping tracks, stopping & playing half a song. Any idea why?

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Mine is doing the exact same thing. Some it does and some it doesn’t. Very frustrating
Had similar problem...only with tracks stored on my iPhone. Didn’t have problems streaming Spotify or intune radio. Someone posted on another thread to make sure Bluetooth and Cellular are turned off before playing tracks stored on your phone. So far this has worked for me (hope I haven’t jinxed things).
I am also experiencing the same skipping / stopping in the middle of a song when playing music from my iPhone, and it has become worse lately. I have Sonos in 2 different apartments, and it's the same issue. In one apartment the setup is with one speaker only. I just installed a Boost in the second place when I added a second speaker. I hoped that would have solved it in case in was the instability of the router that caused it, but same problem. I have had to play from Amazon playlists instead of my own music lately due to the annoyance of the constant on and off / skipping. It is too early to say if the problem is also when I play Amazon Prime playlists on my iPhone. I turned off Bluetooth, as mentioned earlier in this thread, but that didn't help either. Diagnostic report 8447357
Same problem here too. It seems to be very common.
Did the diagnistic number 1470421796
Hope you can help Sonos
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Hi, Lynn18. Whilst the connection between your BOOST and Sonos players may be robust (which it is, in your case), it seems to be your iPhone that is periodically cutting the connection with your router. Do streaming services behave better? I would imagine they do. Do you have any other applications running in the background? Are you using any WiFi extenders?

Razg wrote:

Same problem here too. It seems to be very common.
Did the diagnistic number 1470421796
Hope you can help Sonos

Thanks for the diagnostic, Razg. Unfortunately it came up blank, which suggests general WiFi connectivity issues. Can you please reboot your Sonos device(s), then your router, then attempt to submit a diagnostic once again and respond with the confirmation number? Many thanks in advance.


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