Sonos skipping

  • 14 June 2019
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Sonos skipping the end of tracks, or from the middle. Its been going on for months, both audio books and music on my phone.. ive submitted countless requests but nothing ever changes. I need more players for other rooms but i cant buy another sonos because of the skipping.. So one last try. Report no 91388088 im using android 7.1.1 on my sony Xperia . Shame as the sound is great but i cant live with the skipping. If you can't fix it I'll be selling it.

2 replies

No response... Looks like I'm selling it then. Good luck with the product.. Sound is great, but it's pointless if it skips through tracks before they end
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Hi StevenEserin,

I was able to find your diagnostic report. I see an error indicating that your Sonos speaker lost connection to your phone while it was streaming. This can happen due to a few reasons. If your phone loses connection to your home network as a result of distance or interference, it could drop the connection. Your phone may also be going to sleep, and shutting down the file server. Are you receiving calls when this happens, or moving around your home?

You can bypass this issue by moving your media off of your phone, and streaming from a computer, NAS drive, or music service. You can set up a music share on a computer or NAS drive, then use your phone as a controller.