Sonos Roam - odd bluetooth issue on holiday

  • 30 May 2021
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I had an odd issue with my Roam whilst on holiday recently.

I took the Roam with me for hotel room entertainment in case our holiday was a washout. 

The first night all was fine. I was able to use the Roam via Bluetooth in the hotel room- no problem. Functioned as expected.

I plugged the Roam in to charge overnight, and that's where the issue began.

The next morning I could not get my phone or my partners' phone to find the Roam on Bluetooth. I probably spent an hour wrestling with it that morning and later again in the afternoon. The phones just would not find the Roam on a scan.

Eventually out of frustration, I connected the Roam to the hotel's free wi-fi and reconnected my Sonos S2 App to the hotel WiFi. After that, I was able to connect to the Roam just fine. But now I will have to reprogram all my other Sonos speakers (I have a lot of them) when I get home.  More than a bit annoying!

I can't fathom why this happened but I assume the Roam must have automatically linked itself to the hotel WiFi, perhaps after I turned it off at night to recharge.

This is a problem Sonos needs to be aware of so that they can fix it. Not only is it an annoying problem, but I can't help think this is a security risk. 

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Perhaps see this Sonos Support document here:

By the way you will not have to reprogram your other speakers when back at home, so don’t do that. Just reset the S2 App (which is just a remote for your system) via ‘App Preferences’ and connect it back to your ‘existing’ system.