Sonos Roam battery draining when fully turned off

  • 18 November 2021
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Is there something wrong with my Roam? I fully turn my Roam off after use (hold button in for 5 seconds until extended sound plays). However when I then went to use it, the battery had drained significantly and needed to be charged before use. So, I decided to run a test: 4 weeks ago I fully turned Roam off. 2 weeks later turned it on 
and battery at 100% - great. 2 weeks later battery now at just 95%??

is this normal?

7 replies

hi @gcharlesw does the Roam show in your Sonos App with the battery percentage? If so, it is not completely switched off.


No it does not show in the app with a battery percentage. To be clear, I should also add that I turned the Roam off again (fully) after the intital 2 week test period, so it had been completely off when I restarted it after 4 weeks and got the 95% battery reading.

interesting, I have stored the Roam for a couple of days in a drawer (wrapped in the black pouch) and will observe if it is loosing battery power

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5% battery drain in 4weeks is not a number to be alarmed about IMO. Below is copied from the FAQ’s for Roam. The last highlighted phrase is key. Meaning the Battery will eventually drain.:frowning2:

What is the battery life of Roam?

Roam offers up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge when listening at moderate volumes. When not in use, Roam switches to sleep mode to conserve power, and the battery can last up to 10 days.

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Losing 1%-2% of battery per day while the Roam is completely shut off is completely normal. So the fact that you only lost 5% of battery in two weeks is actually good.

beware also for the S2 Version 13.4 upgrade where I noticed it had disabled the Battery Saver option


Ok, another update …

now 6 weeks after turning off and battery at 84%.

Any thoughts?